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Gosens was ‘ashamed’ by Ronaldo shirt snub

Mon 05 April 2021 | 8:57

Atalanta’s German fullback revealed in his biography, ‘Dreams are Worthwhile’, that he was ashamed when his Portuguese idol harshly refused to give him his shirt.

"After the game against Juventus, I tried to fulfil my dream of having Ronaldo jersey," Robin Gosens recalled in his biography titled "Dreams are Worthwhile."

"After the final whistle I went to him, having not even gone public to celebrate ... but Ronaldo did not accept. I asked: 'Cristiano, can I have your shirt?' He didn't even look at me, he just said: 'No!'"

The 26-year-old explained how the interaction crushed his spirits. He continued: "I was completely blushed and ashamed. 

“I went away and felt small. You know that moment when something embarrassing happens and you look around to see if anyone noticed it? That's what I felt and tried to hide it."

Gosens still can take his revenge as La Dea is currently placed higher than Juventus. 

source: SportMob