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Valencia defender Diakhaby accuses Cadiz’s Cala of racial abuse

Sun 04 April 2021 | 19:30

The 24-year-old declared that he has experienced discrimination on Sunday, encouraging his team to take action.


left the pitch on Sunday during their battle against



La Liga


Mouctar Diakhaby

revealed that he has been subjected to racial abuse by

Juan Cala


The French player was upset following the argument with Cala and Valencia decided to walk off the pitch in condemning the incident, with Diakhaby later prompting his team-mates to go back to the pitch.

The altercation started when the equalizer was scored in the 29th minute, with the Valencia centre-back walking up to Cala for confrontation until the referee broke the two up and the team left the pitch in their team-mate’s support. They returned after 15 minutes, saying Diakhaby insisted the game should go on.

The 24-year-old, however, was replaced by Hugo Guillamon while Cadiz defender Cala remained put.

source: SportMob