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I am frustrated - Jose Mourinho

Sun 04 April 2021 | 17:06

Tottenham's two first-half goals at the St James' Park seemed to be enough to carry three points, but the Lilywhites could not maintain their lead and were eventually forced to share the spoils.

Jose Mourinho, who looked disappointed after the game, admitted that his Tottenham is making more mistakes than he would prefer.


I am frustrated,

" Jose Mourinho told BBC Radio 5Live at full-time.

"We needed to win the match and we came to win. We were not far [but] at the same time, we created instability with so many individual defensive mistakes. We always gave Newcastle a chance to be in the game


"We had the biggest chance of the game to make it 3-1 and kill it [when Kane hit the woodwork] and then we concede a goal the next minute."

"We work well, we work hard. But there are mistakes which I probably shouldn't even call mistakes because they are related to qualities that players have. You can analyse it easily."

Speaking to BBC Sport, Mourinho added more criticism of his men's performance, saying:

"The Premier League is hard and is high-level football, and when you don't show that you belong to that high level, it's difficult.

"We could have scored a couple more, but in defensive situations, we create instability with our mistakes - and instability brings hope to our opponent, and our opponent didn't give up."



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