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West Ham boss unconcerned about keeping key players

Sun 04 April 2021 | 10:34

David Moyes claims keeping players like Rice or Soucek has nothing to do with Champions League qualification.

West Ham

didn’t have a good run last season and were fighting to get out of the relegation area until the very end, however, things are completely different for The Hammers this season, as they are standing sixth in the Premier League table and are in a race with PL giants for European qualification.

West Ham duo

Tomas Soucek


Declan Rice

, who helped the team to avoid relegation last season, are performing exceptionally well this season and are being monitored by European giants.

Some say that not being qualified for Champions League can lead to an exit for West Ham duo, however, West Ham boss

David Moyes

insists European qualification will have nothing to do with Rice and Soucek’s decision to stay at or leave the club.

"When we signed Tomas Soucek, we brought him in to help us avoid relegation. Declan Rice was playing in that relegation team and Jesse has come to help us to get some games,”

Moyes said.

"To turn around and say we would need to be in the Champions League to keep them, I think all those players would be saying a massive thank you to West Ham for helping them get their careers back on track and for putting them in the right direction.

"I hope we can make the Champions League but if we don't, I don't see that has to be the reason that we can keep them. The biggest thing any footballer wants to see is the club makes progress and individually they are making progress.

"Yes any club can make offers for players but we've not had any big offers. I hope we don't get any but if we do, like any other club, we would consider them.

"I don't know where the Bank of England is for Tomas Soucek but I've said with Declan, it would take the Bank of England and the Royal Bank of Scotland to get him. It will have to be the Bank of Czech as well for Tomas!"

source: SportMob