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Moyes explains his plan for reaching European qualification

Sat 03 April 2021 | 15:22

David Moyes wants to take games one by one in the path to the European qualifications.

West Ham

has a chance to be in the Europa League and their boss

David Moyes

insists that they need to take games one by one and think about each match separately.

West Ham is now competing with big teams trying to reach the top spots in the table. Teams like Tottenham and Liverpool are trying their best to find themselves at the top places, and the Blues, who sit in fourth place in the Premier League, are in their best form, and they will be strong in keeping their position.

Moyes said:

“I did say that when we get to single games I would look at it, but it is really tight and there are five or six teams who could certainly be in different positions.

“What I have done in my head is simply take it one by one now and see where we go and then move on to the next one.

“We were not expected to be in this position but we are going to try and do everything to stay in this position and if that get’s us into one of the European competitions, then great.

“But if it doesn’t, we will look at it and probably still see it as a good season so we will have to try and keep going and make it a great season if we can by making it into a European competition.”

West ham will face Wolves in an important match that can make them reach their preferred spot on the table.

source: SportMob