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Olmo didn't want to take a picture with Lionel Messi

Sat 03 April 2021 | 0:11

The Spanish star of Leipzig recalls a memory of when he was reluctant to take a picture with Messi when he was a child

Dani Olmo

, current star of

RB Leipzig

has spent 7 years of his youth career in La Masia,

FC Barcelona

’s academy before joining Dinamo Zagreb. The Spainiard who is now an international player recalls a memory of his meeting with Lionel Messi.

He says that he was forced to take a picture with the legendary player but in fact he was refusing to do so.

“One time, before I even joined La Masia, I accompanied my father while he was managing a game at Castelldefels,”

Olmo said during an interview for

The Players Tribune


“I was eight years old. I was playing happily by myself with a ball, when someone — I think it was a friend of my dad’s — came over and told me, ‘Hey, Dani, come here! You’re not going to believe this. You’re going to have your picture taken with Lionel Messi!’

“Apparently, Messi had a friend playing in the Castelldefels game and had come down to see him. Wow, Messi, right? In Castelldefels? What kid wouldn’t want their picture with him?

“Well, me! I was like, ‘No, thanks. I’m good. I want to keep playing! It’s just a picture, right?’

“But, against my will, they stuck me next to Messi and took the picture. I didn’t even say anything to him. I just waited for the click and then I went back to my ball, like I was doing him a favour."

source: SportMob