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Though due to not having a rich history, young players are not qualified to be named professional footballers, many cases in the football world have proved the viewpoint does not always work. Our today's article, Nicolo Zaniolo biography, will introduce one of them.

Through the following article around Nicolo Zaniolo biography, we have presented a comprehensive account of the football genius, including a range of facts from Nicolo Zaniolo religion to his profile. Our analysis involves the early life, professional, and personal life of Nicolo Zaniolo, nicknamed Football Whiz Kid.

After the departure of Francesco Totti, Zaniolo has been one of Italy's most exciting footballers. Born on 2 July 1999, Nicolo Zaniolo is the first child of his parents, Francesca Costa and Igor Zaniolo, whose lovely relationship is in their 40's. Coming from Massa, Italy, Zaniolo is a professional football player who currently plays for Roma, a Serie A club, and the Italy national team as an attacking midfielder.

Joining the football world at nine by starting to play for Genoa, Nicola Zaniolo spent his youth career in Fiorentina from 2010 to 2016 and Virtus Entella from 2016 to 2017. He finished his youth career by playing in Internazionale from 2017 to 2018.

Zaniolo has begun his senior career in 2016 and played for Virtus Entella, Internazionale, and Roma. Though Nicolo Zaniolo is only 21, he has made a rich career history for himself during this short time. Stay tuned for more within the following article regarding Nicolo Zaniolo biography.

All You Need to Know about Nicolo Zaniolo

Unlike the belief, the older players get, the richer and more brilliant career history they will have, Nicolo Zaniolo, the young Italian midfielder, has appeared brilliantly in the football world. Through the article, we have talked about various items related to him, such as Nicolo Zaniolo nationality, date of birth, career life, and a close look at his off-pitch life, which is one of the hottest topics about footballers. 

Nicolo Zaniolo Information

If you are one of the football fans interested in knowing football players, Sportmob today's article about the 21-year-old attacking midfielder will be a good choice for reading. It satisfies your interest in getting more about the professional and personal life of professional football players. Stay with us till the end of the article.

Nicolo Zaniolo Bio

  • Full Name:

    Nicolo Zaniolo

  • Nickname:

    Football Whiz Kid

  • Foot:


Nicolo Zaniolo Physical Stats

  • Age:


  • Height:

    1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) 

  • Skin Color:


Nicolo Zaniolo Football Information

  • Position:

    Attacking midfielder

  • Jersey Number:


  • Professional Debut:

    11 March 2017

  • Current Team:


Nicolo Zaniolo Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth:

    2 July 1999

  • Birth Place:

    Massa, Italy

  • Zodiac Sign:


  • Nationality:


As you read, we started Nicolo Zaniolo biography by looking at a shortlist of general info about him. The rest of the text contains many facts about Zaniolo, which we have grouped into several parts, such as Zaniolo's early life, profile, career, achievements, and life outside football. So, do not read only the shortlist presented above, and be with us through the piece to get more comprehensive knowledge about Nicolo Zaniolo. 

Nicolo Zaniolo Early Life

The first part of Nicolo Zaniolo biography is about his early life and childhood. As mentioned in the introduction part, Zaniolo was born in a family full of a loving atmosphere. His family origin refers to the Liguria Italian ethnicity, which borders the coastal region of north-western Italy. 

One significant fact about

Nicolo Zaniolo childhood

is that he spent it beside his father, Igor Zaniolo, the former Italian center forward. Igor's playing period for Spice Soccer coincided with his son's birth in 1999.

Reviewing his playing reveals that he had an efficient role in promoting his team from the C2 Series level to the Serie C1 one. Igor's profession and interests in football might affect Zaniolo's future career.

The football-loving parents tried to use their attention to football to nurture their son and arouse a willingness to it in him. Thought of retiring from playing football had led him to look for an alternative to follow living his dreams through his son. So, by preparing the ground, he put his thought into action. 

Nicolo Zaniolo Profile

One of the most significant sections of each player's bio is his profile, which describes his starting point and then his progress in his career. For this reason, we have allotted this part of

Nicolo Zaniolo biography

to his profile.

Born in Massa, Zaniolo spent his early career in the youth academy of


. However, through the final day of the 2016 mid-year transfer window, he moved from the club to

Virtus Entella

, which his staying there did not take more than several months. Having played for the Entella Primavera side, Zaniolo made his debut in Serie B in a match against


, which ended in a 3-2 victory for his team.

Following the announcement of Internazionale on 5 July 2017 regarding signing Zaniolo, he joined the club for a €1.8 million fee, plus €1.7 million in bonuses. During the 2017-18 season, Zaniolo could do his best and show his brilliant performance. 

Playing for the Primavera side, Nicolo scored 13 goals that led him to earn the top-scorer title and win the Campionato Nazionale Primavera. On 9 July 2017, he took part in a pre-season friendly match for the first time, though he never got the opportunity of playing any competitive competitions for the club's first team.

Afterward, through a deal of transferring Radja Nainggolan to Inter, Zaniolo and

Davide Santon

moved to Roma in June 2018. Having finished his medical and signed a five-year contract, Zaniolo appeared for the first time on 19 September 2018.

His first appearance for Roma and UEFA Champions League was a match against Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, which they lost to their opponent in a 3-0 result. Zaniolo's first Serie A appearance was on 26 September 2018, when he was just 19.

Four months later, on 26 December, in a competition against Sassuolo, Zaniolo scored one goal and recorded it as his first goal in Serie A in his career history. One of the other memorable scenes he left in the following year was his brilliant performance in a UEFA Champions League match against

FC Porto

Due to

Nicolo Zaniolo nationality

, Italian, he joined the Italy Under-18 national team in the 2016-17 season and provided him the opportunity of advanced progress in his international appearances. 

Scoring both goals in a 2-1 victory made Nicola Zaniolo the youngest Italian player who could do it two times in a single competition. Unfortunately, in a match against


on 12 January 2020, he was injured, and his suffering from the anterior cruciate ligament injury in his right knee lasted for about six months.

His situation aroused some outstanding and former stars' support from the Italian and global football community, such as Roberto Mancini, Roberto Baggio, and Francesco Totti, who had experienced similar situations in their playing period.

Taking part in the 2018 UEFA European Under-19 Championship, Nicolo Zaniolo played in the match as a player of the Italy under-19 side, which team lost the game against


after extra time. At the time of Roberto Mancini's management, on 1 September 2018, Zaniolo got his first international call-up for Italy national team.

Later on 11 October 2018, under Luigi Di Biagio's directors, Zaniolo appeared for the first time with the Italy Under-21 in a friendly game against


, which finished in a 1-0 defeat.

In 2019, he joined the senior team and made his first appearance as a substitute for Verratti against Finland in Italy's opening UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying game. Zaniolo scored his first international goal in a home victory against


in Italy's final Euro 2020 qualifier.

In September 2020, the team called him up for Italy's campaign in the 2020-21 UEFA Nations League. However, it did not end very well because his participation led him to another anterior cruciate ligament injury again in his left knee for eight months. 

Style of Play

Nicolo Zaniolo's physical stats, standing at 1.90 m, his strength and speed have made him a prominent dribbler. Some features, such as creativity, intelligent technique, work rate, power, and physicality, have abled him to become a versatile player who can play in several midfield positions. One reason that has caused Zaniolo to be called a professional player is his ability to play in several roles and perform excellent performances.

During his career history, which has not been long, he has played as an attacking midfielder, an offensive-minded central midfielder or mezzala, a box-to-box midfielder, and a deep-lying playmaker. Because of some abilities, such as scoring goals, creating chances of scoring for teammates, making the breadth, and attacking threat, he is one of Italy's most encouraging young prospects. 


Being considered an outstanding and excellent midfielder, Nicolo Zaniolo has aroused many top professionals' praises in the football world, such as Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard. Most of them believe that Nicolo is a skillful midfielder who plays entirely energetically. His father's opinion is that" Nicolo is more like

Javier Pastore

, even if the


is a phenomenon and Nicolo still has a long road to travel."

Besides the viewpoints, Nicolo's coaches have admired him for his excellent quality and style of playing as a footballer who does not suffer from nerves. Daniele De Rossi,


assistant coach, has described Nicolo as a player with incredible physical strength, exploits it with excellent techniques. He called Nicolo a great player who has the capacity and ability to become a champion. 

Goal Celebration

All players show their happiness of goalscoring to cheer up both themselves and their teammates and their fans. In addition to celebrating their goals, footballers usually try to convey a message to their or opponent fans.

As a football fan, you have seen many usual celebrations by footballers, such as diving onto the grass with outstretched arms and legs or pretending to tell the oppositions' fans to be quiet by putting an index finger on their lips.

Additionally, there are some other ways of celebrations that several prominent players do, for example showing the shape of a heart with both hands, kissing the ring finger, sliding on knees, and rocking the arms as if the goalscorer is rocking a baby.

From the various types of goal celebrations, Nicolo Zaniolo has shown several ways. He usually outstretches his arms and runs straight, kisses the club's badge on his shirt, slides on grass, and pretends he listens to the crowd reaction by putting his hands behind his ears. However, he has done a wide range of other celebrations too, which due to taking a long time, we just mentioned the most repeated ones.  

Nicolo Zaniolo Outside Football

Nicolo Zaniolo life story outside football is one of the topics which might look stimulating for you. Having a quiet, humble, and happy character, Nicolo Zaniolo has a €45.00m market value. Earning 4.9 million euros per year ables the young Italian midfielder to have a luxurious lifestyle.

Crunching the number reveals he earns €13,425 (£11,233) per day, which is enough for living luxuriously and having a lavish lifestyle. However, the 21-year-old skillful footballer has chosen another style for his life.

As if owning impressive cars, the girls or glorious houses are not his type, and instead, he prefers and enjoys a decent life beside his parents. Unlike most people's belief about young boys with high earning, Nicolo has a simple car, such as Ngolo Kante. 

Nicolo Zaniolo Personal Life

Reviewing Nicolo Zaniolo childhood photos reveals that he grew up in a middle-class family. As the facts from his early life say, his father, a football player, could prepare a middle but comfortable life for his family with the money he earned from football. Knowing more about

Nicolo Zaniolo life story

and looking at his personal life can give you a complete picture of his family and relationship. 

Family, Children, and Relationship

At first glance at Nicolo Zaniolo and his parents' photo, it comes to mind a family with a good-looking husband, an attractive woman, and a skilled son. His father, Igor Zaniolo, has always tried to provide situations for his son's progress and becoming a more successful player than him.

Though he played in Italian Serie B in the mid-2000s, he looked for a bigger and better platform for his son's career. Finally, four years after Igor's retirement, Nicolo began his senior career, and since then, his parents have followed Nicolo's development in the football world.

Since footballers' love stories have always been amongst the most viewed topics, in this part of

Nicolo Zaniolo biography

, we have gathered some facts about his girlfriend. One year ago, Nicolo Zaniolo uncovered the story behind his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Sara Scaperrotts.

The pure talent of Roma and Italy national team was in a relationship with her. After a while, Sara declared his pregnancy news with Nicolo Zaniolo and stated she wanted to keep the baby.

However, their love story is over, and Nicola has started a new relationship with Madalina Diana Ghenea, a Romanian actress and model.She was born in 1987, which according to

Nicolo Zaniolo date of birth

, she is older than him. Starting her career at 15, Ghenea has taken part in fashion shows in several countries in Romania, Italy, Germany, Japan, Austria, Spain, France, and South Africa.  


Though Prominent players' participation in charity affairs is stimulating, there is no information about Nicolo Zaniolo's involvement in philanthropy events. 

Legal Issues

In this part of Nicolo Zaniolo biography, we want to focus on legal issues if he has gotten in any cases. According to the published facts in authentic websites, there are no legal cases about Zaniolo.

Nicolo Zaniolo Career Statistics

Taking a look at players' career statistics can reveal how much he has been successful in his profession. For this reason, we have allocated one part of

Nicolo Zaniolo bio

to the topic, which can help you to get his position in the football world. 


In the 2016-17 season, Zaliono played for Virtus Entella and appeared in seven competitions but did not score any goal. Afterward, from 2018-19, he played for two consecutive seasons for


. Appearing in 36 matches in the 2018-19 season, Zaliono scored six goals, and during the following season, by playing 33 times in competitions, he scored eight goals. In total, he has taken part in 76 club matches and scored 14 times within them. 


Though Zaniolo had joined the Italy national team Under-18 in 2016-17, the presented figures in this part are about the time he has played for the senior team. In 2019, Zaniolo made five appearances for the Italy national team and scored two goals.

His goals refer to the game against Armenia in UEFA Euro 2020 qualification on 18 November 2019. The following year, in 2020, he appeared in two competitions without scoring any goals. In other words, Nicolo Zaniolo has recorded two goals in his career history over taking part in 7 international matches.

Nicolo Zaniolo Honors

Though Nicolo Zaniolo is only 21 years old and has not played as much as outstanding and famous footballers, he has achieved some awards. One of them is the UEFA European Under-19 Championship runner-up, which he earned in 2018.

His two other achievements are individual ones, including UEFA European Under-19 Championship Team of the Tournament (Substitutes) in 2018 and Serie A Best Young Player in the 2018-2019 season. 


Nicolo Zaniolo biography

, we tried to cover all related info to the young footballer. Talking about a wide range of facts from

Nicolo Zaniolo religion

to honors he has achieved in his short career history, we presented an in-depth text about the young Italian star.

Meanwhile, if you have any comments about the article or think we have missed some info about his biography, let us know by sharing your ideas via the comment section.

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