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Rodgers: “we can really compete with the so-called ‘Big Six’”

Fri 02 April 2021 | 10:41

Brendan Rodgers is happy with his side’s quality in competing with the big teams.

The Foxes

have shown their capability against the big six gaining 16 points in eight games against them, and their boss

Brendan Rodgers

thinks that they have nothing to fear against these clubs as they are performing at their level.

Leicester City will host

Man City

on Sunday after defeating them in their first clash of the season at the Etihad in September. After their victory against the Citizens, Brendan Rodgers’ men defeated Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester United, which puts them among the Premier League’s best teams.

“It’s always very, very difficult playing at this level but we’ve shown as a collective when we can play to the highest level of our game we can really compete with the so-called ‘Big Six’,”

Rodgers said


“We’ve been able to do that in a lot of the games. It comes from a maturity, it comes from the time working together and from the players. Once you’ve had one or two victories you get the belief you can do it more.

“It’s something we have consistently done this season and I hope by the end of the season it’s even more points.”

The Foxes sit in fifth place in the Premier League table, and Rodgers thinks that they have more things to fight for, considering Man City’s promising position at the top of the table.

“I’ve always said it’s about finishing as high as we can,”

he said.

“That’s what we want to achieve, that’s our aim. I said that on the first day and I’ll say it on the last day.

“It’s highly unlikely we’ll catch Manchester City but we’re one point away from second so we have to keep looking forward and after 38 games we’ll find out where we are.

“I’ve said before we’re not in the top four. We’ll only be there if we’re there after 38 games. People will try to add some pressure because we’ve been around the top four all season, ‘Will you stay there?’, but that doesn’t concern me.

“Great, we’ve been there but it’s about where you finish. We aim to finish strong.”

source: SportMob