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Pagliuca wishes that Buffon had ended his career at PSG

Fri 02 April 2021 | 9:47

Pagliuca says that Buffon should have retired in a different situation.

Gianluigi Buffon

has played only five games in Serie A this season, while

Gianluca Pagliuca

insists that the 43-year-old legend should have ended his career after his spell at


to avoid sitting on the bench at the end of his remarkable career.

He started 25 games at PSG in one season, which Pagliuca thinks was the best time for the legendary goalkeeper to retire.

"If I was him, I have already retired,"

Pagliuca told Stats Perform News.

"I would have retired after PSG.

"It was a good idea to go to Paris because it's a big club and he was playing regularly.

"Buffon on the bench? Happy to play only in Coppa Italia? It's not great.

"Someone with his career, it's better to retire when you are 41 and you are still playing than having a couple of years on the bench. He is still a really good goalkeeper.

"The best thing was to retire after PSG, considering his career. Maybe he still wants to compete.

"However, we have to think he's been the best goalkeeper in the football history."

Montpellier’s 43-year-old defender Hilton is the only player older than Buffon in Europa’s top five leagues, but Buffon is ranked second among the top five leagues in Europe in save percentage with 80.5 percent, which shows his quality despite sitting on the bench most of the season.

source: SportMob