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Ramos focused on Real Madrid after his 180th cap

Thu 01 April 2021 | 16:57

Sergio Ramos says that he wants to think about the next matches instead of the transfer talks.

Real Madrid




Sergio Ramos

has talked about the rumors about his negotiations with the club after his 180th game with Spain against Kosovo. Ramos says that, right now, he wants to focus on Real Madrid’s next matches, and if there were any news about his future at the club, he would talk about it himself.

Ramos told TVE:

"With my future I was very clear, there is no news and now I have nothing to say.

"When there is news I will be the first to say it.

"We decide the season in two weeks, in LaLiga against Eibar and Barcelona, and in the Champions League against Liverpool, and hopefully we can play at a good level."

Ramos made his 180th appearance for Spain, playing only a few minutes, which Enrique explains as a decision to help the player fully recover from the injury that he has recently experienced.

"Ramos has no further complications,"

Enrique told reporters


"I decide which are the best players to start with. It is true that Ramos is fine but he has just come out of an injury from which he has recovered very quickly. That is the reality.

"Those who are in a better disposition play. Whether you like it or not, that's another question."

source: SportMob