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Zapata still dreams of playing for Arsenal

Thu 01 April 2021 | 11:52

In the race for a Champions League qualification for a third consecutive year, Atalanta have booked their place in the Coppa Italia Final as well.

Asked which target he would prefer to reach, Duvan Zapata told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “There are no easy targets. We are all so close in the table, and then we have the Coppa Italia Final against Juventus.

“It would be special to win a title and the Coppa Italia would allow us to play the Supercup. Anyway, I don’t want to choose, I want everything.

“Gasperini was crucial, especially in my first months in Bergamo,” he continued.

“I wasn’t scoring many goals, and I struggled to understand the team’s mechanisms. I didn’t know my teammates either, but he trusted me.”

Concerning his verbal spat with Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic in January, the Colombian said: “These things happen on the pitch. Milan fans thought I said something about their penalties, but it wasn’t me. Still, I received so many insults on social media.

“I didn’t even reply to Ibrahimovic. We were winning 3-0 and there was no reason to argue.”

When asked about the toughest Serie A defender he encountered, he came with a surprising answer. 

“Demiral is tough and fast, then De Vrij.”

Then he went on to pick the top three strikers in the world.

“If I can’t pick Mbappé, then I say Lewandowski, Haaland and…Muriel, he’s just too strong.”

Asked about his dream of playing in the Premier League, the 30-year-old said: “In football, you never know. I used to watch English football on TV in Colombia. I supported Arsenal and I woke up to watch their games early in the morning.”

source: SportMob