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If Aguero stays fit, he's got a lot more to give City- Wright-Phillips

Wed 31 March 2021 | 6:49

Shaun Wright-Phillips believes the Argentine international has more to show and should not rush to feature in MLS.

According to

Shaun Wright-Phillips


Sergio Aguero

still has a lot to offer.

Manchester City

pronounced that the 32-year-old will depart in the summer following a prolific decade at Etihad Stadium.

The striker’s contract is due to expire when the season ends as his side aims to hunt titles.


have been eyeing Aguero and are his favorite destination. Although the City star has been mooted to play in MLS, the former Manchester City winger believes it is too soon.


For me, it would definitely be a bigger club [than one in MLS] - I don't think he'll go to the States just yet,"

Wright-Phillips told 

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about Aguero.

"One hundred per cent, if he stays fit he's got a lot more to give. He still looks powerful; he still looks hungry.

"The games that I've watched that he's come on, he's made some excellent runs, and they didn't really get him the ball in those positions. 

"He's still got a lot to give, and I think he enjoys it. I don't see him sailing off to America just yet.

"I think [his future] kind of depends on how this season goes. 

"He's still in with a chance to win a Champions League medal, which if anyone deserves it, especially as a City player, it should be him. 

"That would just finish his career perfectly as a City player to win everything."

Due to injuries, Aguero has only started five games this season; however, he aims to play a crucial role in the run-in before leaving.

Manchester City have been interested in signing with Erling Haaland and Harry Kane as Aguero’s replacement.

Wright-Phillips added:

"To be honest, I was surprised [about the announcement].

"But when you get to a player like that, and he's getting old in football terms, he has not played probably as much as he wanted because of injuries or another reason that could have happened. 

"In his head he's probably just thinking he wants to play football. In a way I could kind of see it happening, but I'm devastated about it at the same time.

"If you look at his stats in general. He's scored I think 181 goals in the Premier League for City. He's got 257 goals for City in total. So he's a record breaker and you're always going to miss somebody like that. 

"As a fan it's devastating, you want to keep those players until they retire, and be selfish and not let anybody have them. But it's football isn't it, and sadly it always comes to an end."

When quizzed about Aguero’s rank among the Premier League strikers, the former England international added:

"If you go on the stats, I would possibly put him in the top five and that's hard. 

"There have been so many amazing and world-class players with elite talent who are in the record books we're talking about. 

"The goals that he's scored, the one that stands out, the one that people always talk about in the game against QPR. It had to be him that scored it. 

"He was most probably the only person that would have scored that goal. Everything just worked out perfectly. 

"There where seasons when he didn't play all that much, he was injured, but he was still in the race for the golden boot and that says a lot for a striker. 

"He very rarely had purple patches or going so many games without scoring, until like this season when he's played hardly anything."

source: SportMob