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Kroos: it's wrong that this tournament was given to Qatar

Wed 31 March 2021 | 18:45

Toni Kroos believes Qatar should not be hosting World Cup 2022.

The Guardian

reported in February that more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in the Gulf State since they were named as tournament hosts 11 years ago and because of the report, several countries including Germany protested against alleged human rights violations in


before their

World Cup

qualifying games this month.

Toni Kroos

, a world champion in 2014, believes it was wrong to give Qatar 2022 World Cup hosting rights and was particularly unhappy over reports that workers have to work for very long hours in hot conditions without getting enough food and water.

"I think it's wrong that this tournament was given [to Qatar],"

Kroos said on his brother Felix's podcast Einfach mal Luppen.

“Immigrant workers are subjected to days without rest with the temperature under a torrid 50 degrees, they suffer from insufficient nutrition, without drinking water, and at crazy temperatures. All of these points are absolutely unacceptable."

However, he believes boycotting Qatar 2022 would not solve the problem:

"Would a boycott serve to improve working conditions? I think not. Football always arouses extreme attention. Be it before the tournament or during it.”


have given no indication that the tournament could be moved to another country but have insisted that proper safety procedures are being followed on site.

"With the very stringent health and safety measures on site, the frequency of accidents on FIFA World Cup construction sites has been low when compared to other major construction projects around the world," FIFA stated.

Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC)

, who are responsible for providing the infrastructure for the World Cup, also stated:

"We have always been transparent about the health and safety of workers on projects directly related to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

"Since construction began in 2014, there have been three work-related fatalities and 35 non-work-related deaths. The SC has investigated each case, learning lessons to avoid any repeat in the future. The SC has disclosed each incident through public statements and or Annual Workers’ Welfare Progress Reports. 


 "Preparations for the first FIFA World Cup to be held in the Middle East and Arab world have already brought significant benefits to workers on SC and non-SC projects in Qatar.

"These include significantly improved accommodation facilities, the provision of electronic medical records and comprehensive medical checks, innovative heat stress mitigation plans, extensive training, and upskilling programs, and a guarantee from SC contractors to reimburse USD $30m+ in illegal recruitment fees to 48,883 SC and non-SC workers.


 "With less than two years until the tournament begins, we will continue to use this opportunity to deliver sustainable change and leave a meaningful legacy beyond 2022."

source: SportMob