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Ronaldo’s armband being auctioned to pay for Serbian child’s treatment

Wed 31 March 2021 | 18:24

The Portugal captain's armband which Cristiano Ronaldo slammed to the ground after Portugal's World Cup qualifier against Serbia was put up for auction on Tuesday to pay for a baby's medical treatment.


stormed off the pitch before the final whistle, throwing his captain’s armband on the floor after his injury-time winner was denied by the referee during


’s 2-2 draw with



Ronaldo was publicly criticized for the action, but there is a positive that has come out of Ronaldo throwing his captain’s armband down in anger.

A charity group that is trying to raise money for the surgery of a 6-month-old baby from Serbia with spinal muscular atrophy got the armband from a stadium worker who picked it up after the match, According to the 

Associated Press


The group are now selling the armband to the highest bidder over the next three days in an online auction to help reach that target.

source: SportMob