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Richarlison revealed Thiago did not accepted his apology

Wed 31 March 2021 | 14:35

Alcantara has not forgiven Richarlison for his tough tackle.


striker Richarlison claimed that Thiago Alcantara did not accept his apology after his violent tackle on the Liverpool star.

Liverpool and Everton met in a crucial match in the Premier League on October 17 and drew 2-2. Richarlison tackled violently on Thiago and received a red card. Now he claimed that he apologized to the Spanish midfielder after the game, but he did not accept this apology.

“The last game I made that challenge on Thiago and got sent off. My goodness,"

Richarlison said during a live


chat with Thiago Asmar.

“Then I went on Instagram to apologise and such. He only saw it. I said ‘I’m going to delete this message too, since he doesn’t want to reply’.

“Then I went there and deleted it. He didn’t answer, no.

“Then there was the derby now, at their home, he didn’t look at my face, I didn’t look at him, either. The game goes on. He ignored the pigeon (Richarlison's nickname from Brazil).”

source: SportMob