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Rice won't follow the path of Henry to boycott social media

Tue 30 March 2021 | 23:33

The young captain of West Ham says keeping interaction with the fans on social media is important.

Thierry Henry has made it publicly clear that he is no longer using the social media until an action is made by the authorities to tackle the racial abuse on various online platforms. Gareth Southgate, The Three Lions’ coach also is not using the social media for probably the same reasons.


Declan Rice

, one of the new stars of


national team says he has no plan for leave the platforms as he says keeping interaction with the fans is important.

"Something definitely has to be done,"

said Rice.

"There has been way too much in the last year especially with social media abuse.

"For someone like me who runs my own account and has that interaction and love with the fans, I don't have any problem with it.

"It is important that a player like me can have interaction with West Ham or England fans.

"Thierry Henry has boycotted it. I've seen Gareth Bale come out and say something. It may be a decision that is spoken about in the future between the players, at the moment there is not."

source: SportMob