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Totti and I stayed out all night - Antonio Cassano

Tue 30 March 2021 | 17:52

Antonio Cassano joined Roma in 2001 and a strong friendship developed between him and Francesco Totti, which has recently been portrayed in the new Sky Italia comedy-drama.

According to

Football Italia

, Cassano is critical of the show and believes it does not reflect the reality.

I didn’t like the series at all, because there’s only about five per cent reality in there and the rest is dreamed up,

” said Cassano.

“I am made to look like I’m really invasive and his family can’t get rid of me. Look, I fully admit I’m completely insane when I’m out and about, but I always behaved well at Francesco’s house. I never slammed doors!

“Let’s not even talk about the actor who portrays me. I might not be pretty, but he’s worse! The actor they’ve got playing Francesco looks more like Mattia Perin.”

However, 38-year-old Cassano believes his behavior was unprofessional at the time.

“The first five or six months, he was single, so we’d go out from morning until night. Sometimes we’d stay out all night and then go straight to training at Trigoria in the morning.

“Then he got a girlfriend and I started causing all sorts of trouble by myself instead. I was only 20 years old then. Nowadays, if I’m lucky, I fall asleep on the couch at midnight.”



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