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Rodgers backed for Leicester stay amid Tottenham rumours

Tue 30 March 2021 | 15:52

Rodgers' Leicester City stunning performance in the Premier League this season has brought many offers for the Irishman, but former Foxes defender Matt Elliott expects him to stay in place.

 After three successful years in Scottish Premiership, Rogers took over at Leicester City in 2019, a team that has excelled this season and is currently third in the Premier League.

 Elliott – speaking in association with the 

Racing Post

 – telling Goal: 

"There's always that worry for a club like Leicester, even though they're growing and developing season on season in terms of the infrastructure, the training ground, the stadium and the profile of the players


"There's lots to be at Leicester City for. Brendan Rodgers is an exceptional coach but he's an ambitious one as well, and he'll want to take Leicester as far as he can. However, he'll of course have his eye on what's developing at other clubs.

"It's inevitable really that he'll be linked with other clubs as that is a reflection of how well he's performing.

"People may be in denial about it, thinking, 'why would he ever want to leave our wonderful club', but the truth is, you assess situations as they come along - nothing lasts forever, let's put it that way."

There have been rumors recently that the Spurs are looking to replace Brendan Rodgers with Jose Mourinho, but Matt Elliott believes there is no reason for Rodgers to join the rival while making something special at the King Power.

“With Tottenham there are positive and there are negative aspects,”

added Elliott


“If I was Brendan Rodgers, would I go to Tottenham? To be honest, no. It’s a huge club and the potential is there, but he may see them as a team that requires a lot of work.

“Wherever he goes though, he’ll back himself to do a good job. He’s shown that throughout his career. When at Celtic, people will have asked, ‘why go to Leicester?’ The grass isn’t always greener, but he’s made it greener.

“He’s developed all those players at the club – it is a worry, the thought of Rodgers leaving, as without doubt he is a top-class coach.”



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source: SportMob