Santos defends Ronaldo as Portugal captain

Mon 29 March 2021 | 18:00

Portugal head coach has backed his superstar after Ronaldo’s outburst.


expressed his anger after he saw his effort that seemed to be a goal, was not accepted by the referee, but


head coach says that he believes that Ronaldo can help his team so much as a captain.

"He will keep the armband,"

Santos told a media conference.

"If he had offended the coach, his colleagues or the federation, then yes, we would have to think. Nothing like that happened.

"What happened was a moment of great frustration that could have happened to me. Frustration of someone who always wants to win, who gives everything for the national team. It happened to him, it could have been someone else.

"He was the first to recognize that he should not have done it. He will be captain for sure."

Ronaldo’s teammates have also defended him as Neves insisted that he doesn’t even have to apologize for his behavior, saying that he is an example for all the team and his work can’t be questioned with such incidents.

"He did not apologize and he does not have to,"

the Wolves man said.

"He is an exemplary captain for everyone.

"We all felt the frustration he felt at that moment; it was a difficult moment for everyone. We know Ronaldo very well and we know what he can give us every day."

source: SportMob