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Armando Broja: It was an easy decision to choose Albania over England

Sat 27 March 2021 | 9:22

Chelsea striker is set to play against the land of his birth on Sunday as England meet Albania in World Cup qualification.

Armando Broja



on a loan deal in August 2020. The 19-year-old has has appeared in 23 matches for the Eredivisie club and he has managed to score nine goals for his side. Despite being born in Slough, Broja has decided to play for Albania where his parents were born.

"It is a big decision, of course, when you choose your country to play for,"

Broja told



"I went for it because I have got Albanian blood in me, I am Albanian, my parents are Albanian so it was an easy decision.

"I thought I would love to make the people there proud and make my parents proud. I wanted to lift Albania up as a country to get us to the World Cup or Euros. That’s the biggest thing for them.”

The teenager played for Albania in their 1-0 win over Andorra on Thursday.

"If we got to the World Cup, it would be crazy and we would make history. We have never got there before so it would be something crazy as a country, you know.

"My parents are Albanian, I am Albanian and I have a lot of family in Albania. I visited there every year so it is really a big part of my life."

Broja is set to return to Stamford Bridge in the summer when his loan deal at Vitesse expires.

source: SportMob