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Pinsoglio backs Ronaldo against the criticism

Fri 26 March 2021 | 19:01

Pinsoglio has talked about Ranaldo’s situation with missed free-kicks.


, who once was considered among the most dangerous players when it came to free-kicks, has been facing so much criticism for his performance in the free-kicks since he joined


. But Juve’s third goalkeeper

Carlo Pinsoglio

has talked about the matter claiming that the Portuguese international always scores free-kicks in training.

He has been given 72 opportunities from different positions since he joined Juventus scoring only one of them that came against Torino.

"In training, they all go in,"

Juve's third-choice goalkeeper Carlo Pinsoglio told Tuttosport


"Why doesn't he score them in a match? I don't know, obviously in a match it's different than in training, but I don't know. Bad luck maybe."

There has always been criticism around the five-time Ballon d'Or winner, but he has shown his quality since he arrived at Turin, scoring 95 goals in 123 games for his side, and he has also made good connections with his teammates, including Juve’s 31-year-old goalkeeper, who praises Ronaldo as a footballer and as a friend.

"I have a beautiful friendship with him, my team-mates make fun of me saying that I'll go to the Euros with the Portugal staff and Cristiano,"

he added


"Ronaldo is a simple guy, not a star, he's quiet, he likes to laugh and joke."

source: SportMob