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Messi goes out to assassinate the goalkeeper - Chelsea goalkeeper

Fri 26 March 2021 | 9:43

Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero has lined up with Messi and against him many times over the years, so he is in an excellent position to judge the Argentine superstar.

Caballero, who has played for Argentina, Elche and Malaga, told 



Facing Messi, I had to suffer


“He goes out to assassinate the goalkeeper.

“The goalkeepers, the defenders - he's going to kill [them]. And killing means scoring as many goals as possible.

“He doesn't care if you know him, if you're Argentine or if you're a friend. He'll talk to you afterwards, greet you and everything else, but in those 90 minutes he's on a mission to hit you with goals.”

The Argentine superstar

has scored 467 goals in 511 appearances for Barcelona in La Liga. This number of goals has made him the top scorer in the history of La Liga. Messi has also scored 120 goals in the Champions League, leaving only

Cristiano Ronaldo

with 134 goals ahead of him.



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source: SportMob