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Mancini gives an update on Italy’s squad against Northern Ireland

Thu 25 March 2021 | 18:33

Italy’s head coach has talked about his squad before their match against Northern Ireland.



Roberto Mancini

has discussed his plans for facing Northern Ireland, mentioning his doubts.

It will be Italy’s first match in the year, and they have been unbeaten since 2018 with 15 wins and seven draws.

“The Nazionale has always represented the whole country and every Italian, even those who aren’t fans of sport. When there are major tournaments, the entire country unites behind the team,”

Mancini told RAI Sport


Mancini has also talked about the football’s situation in the pandemic, mentioning that they haven’t played in months as a factor that may affect their performance on the pitch.

“This is a delicate time for everyone and I hope that we can provide something of a distraction. We represent a country that won four World Cups, so we must give our fans some entertaining evenings, but that’s what we always tried to do.

“It’s our first game after four months, so we are rusty. Northern Ireland are also the classic British team, very aggressive, physically strong and focused on the counter-attack. They are the toughest type of side we could face at this moment.”

And about the Italian clubs’ poor performance in the time that Italy’s national team is having a good from Mancini thinks that they should accept the results of their performance and understand that they can’t always win.

“Our football certainly needs to improve when competing at certain levels at club football, but these things also go in eras,”

continued Mancini


“The younger players are the future and you have to give them time to learn the ropes, as he cannot have the experience of the older elements, but if he has the quality, you should have the courage to give him a chance.”

source: SportMob