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Norway won’t get punished by FIFA over Qatar protests

Thu 25 March 2021 | 18:31

Ahead of their Wednesday's 3-0 victory over Gibraltar, Erling Haaland and Martin Odegaard stood by the other Norway players to wear T-shirts bearing the message 'Human rights on and off the pitch'.

Followed by a report in The Guardian revealing that over 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka had died for the World Cup preparation in Qatar, Norwegian clubs having pressurized the country's football association to boycott the upcoming World Cup. 

Also, the report suggests that due to a lack of data from a number of countries such as the Philippines and Kenya, the actual death toll would be much higher than reported.

In response, the Qatar organizing committee stated: "We deeply regret all of these tragedies and investigated each incident to ensure lessons were learned. We have always maintained transparency around this issue and dispute inaccurate claims around the number of workers who have died on our projects."

The Qatari government, meanwhile, insisted the mortality rate was "within the expected range for the size and demographics of the population".

Although players are prohibited from bearing "any political, religious or personal slogans", FIFA has confirmed Norway will not have a case to answer.

"FIFA believes in the freedom of speech, and in the power of football as a force for good," a statement read.

"No disciplinary proceedings in relation to this matter will be opened by FIFA."

source: SportMob