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Lucas Hernandez hopes his brother joins him in France

Thu 25 March 2021 | 15:30

The France international is eager to show his potential to both Bayern Munich and France national team, with the 25-year-old holding off competition, especially for his brother, to stay a regular for France.

Lucas Hernandez

sustained knee and ankle injuries during his first year at

Bayern Munich

, although he has not been a regular for Hansi Flick.

The defender has started 12 of his 17


games and made eight Champions League appearances, helping his side go into the quarter-final round in Europe. He was in the starting XI for the current world champions on Wednesday when they had their first qualifier against Ukraine which came down to a 1-1 draw.


Yes, of course. I'm someone who always wants to play,"

 said Hernandez.  

"I was injured a lot last year but this year the injuries have left me alone. I played, I wanted to restore confidence to the club that bought me two years ago. There were times when I was frustrated, angry when I was on the bench.   

"At Bayern, the competition is very strong. I had times when I played less, but I still have confidence in myself, I have always worked in training.  

"There is also a lot of competition in the France team too, we are always in danger. It's up to me to hang on."

The 25-year-old has contributed to Didier Deschamps’ side’s success in 2018 but he cannot take his role for granted. His younger brother Theo is trying to find his way in as he has yet to make a debut for the senior team. The 23-year-old is showing off an impressive performance at Milan with five goals and six assists.


At the moment offensively, he is very strong

," Lucas said of Theo.

"He has this confidence to take the ball and break through the lines easily. He is having a very good season.   

"It was already the case last year; I hope that one day he can be here [with the France squad]. It is not for me to choose that. It is not my choice.   

"In previous years, when he was at Real Madrid or Real Sociedad, he had a little more trouble. But since he has been in Milan, he is confident – and it shows in the stats, with assists and goals. He's very offensive. 

"He's my brother, I have that family feeling. He's a very good player, I like him a lot. I hope he can be here one day."

source: SportMob