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Kimmich wants to know Messi and Ronaldo’s secret

Thu 25 March 2021 | 12:06

Bayern Munich star has talked about his interest in being teammates with Messi and Ronaldo.

Bayern Munich


Joshua Kimmich

has talked about his idols in the football world, saying that


has been his biggest motivation to begin his career as a footballer.

Kimmich says that he is amazed by




and their consistency over the last 15 years and claims that he would still love to be teammates with these superstars despite the talks about them being at the ending years of their career.

Here is what Kimmich about the players he wants to play with, in his interview with



“Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

“For me, it's so impressive, almost unbelievable, how you can maintain this level for over 15 years. I'd like to see what they do every day.”

Kimmich started his career at Bayern as a right-back, but then he moved to a midfield which doesn’t seem to be a bad change for him because his childhood idol was Xavi. After being an important player in the right-back position, he has been showing so much quality as a midfielder too. He doesn’t deny his childhood idol’s effect on his performance in the new position.

“My role model was always Xavi Hernandez from Barcelona,”

Kimmich said.

“He was never the biggest, but he played with vision, technique and [superb] passing, always bringing others into the game.

“He impressed me and that's how I wanted to play. I got to know him during a training camp in Doha and it was a really cool moment!”

source: SportMob