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Völler: ‘Peter kept trying but it just didn't work out that way’

Thu 25 March 2021 | 3:52

Rudi Völler talked about the reasons behind terminating Peter Boss in a press conference.


sporting director

Rudi Völler

talked about his decision to terminate head coach

Peter Bosz

on Tuesday, according to



It was not long ago that Völler said that Peter Bosz was his "Plan A, B, and C" for his club but their several defeats in the league and elimination from the DFB-Pokal and the UEFA Europa League indicated that something was not working right.

"It was always the same: ball possession, ball possession, ball possession," Völler said, "and then we fell behind after the opponents first shot on goal. We hardly had formula anymore. Peter kept trying, but it just didn't work out that way.”

It was not new news as Bosz was notorious for his obsessive short-passing possession game. During his time at the club, Leverkusen often dominated possession without getting any results.

"It's important that the players still believe in things as well and that the conviction and chemistry are right." Völler continued, "We didn't have the feeling at the end that things could still go well. Respectfully, you have to act there.”

When he was asked about his expectations of his new trainer, he answered:

“It's up to the [new] coaching team to show that there can be some changes in the XI to the players that have come on in recent weeks.

“Those in the background and the rest need to step it up so that there can simply be reasonable competition.”

source: SportMob