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It will takes time to find my feet in Spain - Gomez

Wed 24 March 2021 | 17:28

Gomez is trying hard to find his old form at Sevilla.

Sevilla midfielder Papu Gomez has claimed that he will return to good form soon.

Gomez has been added to strengthen Sevilla's midfield to boost the team's creativity, but has yet to perform well. However, referring to the differences in the Spanish league, he claimed that he would eventually go through a good process.

He told reporters: “

The Spanish league is competitive and one football faster than the Italian. I’m trying not to go crazy if something doesn’t work out. I’m taking these months as an adaptation. Everything takes time. At Atalanta I played for five years with the same system. I was the owner of the ball, in that all the balls went through me. I have to adapt to Sevilla, not Sevilla to me. What they’ve been doing, I’m trying to adapt to that.”

source: SportMob