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Gullit wants Van Dijk to play for Liverpool

Mon 22 March 2021 | 16:31

Netherland legend has talked about Liverpool’s injured star Van Dijk.

Virgil van Dijk

has been sidelined since October 2020, but he will be available for Netherland national team games in the European Championship.

Netherland legend


has talked about the


defender, saying that it is better if he plays a few games for his club before joining the national team.

Gullit told

beIN Sports

on Van Dijk’s fitness race:

“I know for sure that if you saw the seriousness of the injury in the beginning, you already know that you’re not going to play a lot of games with Liverpool.

“But you need to have a goal when you have an injury, and his goal was to at least get fit for the Euros, if it’s possible.

“His doctors would say that as well, is it possible.

“Of course the club wants him at least to play a couple of matches before he does, I think in Holland we want that as well.

“I can understand that he has that goal, and I hope that he does get it.

“If he’s going to be fit, he doesn’t have a lot of rhythm, so it’s to be seen.

“For Holland, it’s the most important thing that he plays some matches already with Liverpool.”

Van Dijk has missed 34 Liverpool matches and three games for Netherland since October. Now both teams hope to have him back as soon as possible.

Liverpool has been facing other injuries in Van Dijk’s position that have made Klopp’s work so hard and has affected their performance in the Premier League.

source: SportMob