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‘He's a winner’ – former Chelsea star says about the Spurs boss

Mon 22 March 2021 | 11:36

Michael Essien talks about the managerial lessons he learned under his former boss at Stamford Bridge.

Michael Essien



in 2005 to start his glorious path at Stamford Bridge under the Portuguese boss,

Jose Mourinho


Essien, who is currently a member of the


coaching staff, has spoken about the management lessons he learned under the Portuguese boss, and hopes to transmit what he learned to the boys at the Danish club.

The 38-year-old told The

Football Ramble podcast


"I have played under so many coaches and every one is different. I would take Mourinho as an example - I was very much connected with him.

"He's a winner, he gives you tactical details and makes sure it's very clear so when you're on the pitch you know what to do.

"It's one of the things I am going to carry with me and hopefully I can transmit to the boys if one day I become a manager."

When the former Ghana international was quizzed on whether he planned to pursue the coaching career, he replied:

"I didn't think I would make the transition. When I was playing I always said 'no I don't want to be a coach' but when you love the game so much you always try to be in the game.

"So two or three years ago I said I am coming toward the end of my career and I want to learn about the coaching side of the game and it will give me the opportunity to be on the pitch and to be around the players.

"Actually when I started doing it, it was something I wanted to do. The whole project here is very good for my transition into the coaching side of the game."



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source: SportMob