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Vitesse are no satellite club, just a good contact with Chelsea -Spors

Mon 22 March 2021 | 11:38

Johannes Spors, Vitesse’s sporting director, talks to Goal about how they work with the Blues.


sporting director has rejected the claims that the Eredivisie outfit are the Blues’ “satellite club”, admitting that the two parties only have a “good relationship”.

Over the last 10 years,


have sent 29 players to Vitesse on loan contracts, making the belief that they are a ‘feeder club’ for the

Premier League


Spors reveals that the club owner Valeriy Oyf’s good relationship with Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich is only benefiting them.


The owners know each other well; that's the starting point,"

Johannes Spors




"That’s where it comes from. Honestly, there’s not so much more to it than that. We have good contact.

"I have good contact with (Chelsea's technical/performance advisor) Petr Cech, as I have known him for quite some time. We sometimes share thoughts, talk about football, their players and our players. There’s good communication. Honestly, though, I have a lot of these kinds of conversations with other big clubs.

"It is just a good contact between the clubs. Everyone knows we are no satellite club, there are no contracts and these things have never happened. It is just a good conversation between the clubs and we, Vitesse, are very happy about that.

"It is good to have a big club like Chelsea to share thoughts with. I have been here for one year and the history of loan players is important. We have to still make sure that everyone is convinced that it is the right step.

"I really had to fight for (Chelsea striker) Armando Broja, it was not like I wanted Armando and Chelsea said, 'Here you go!' No, I had to really convince him. If he said no, it is no! I had to convince Chelsea that we thought he was ready for that.

"It is a good relationship. Nothing happens because of the owners but it opens doors, let’s say."

The 29th player to have joined Vitesse on a loan deal is the Blues’ top academy striker Broja. Among the other players who have gained first-team experience with Vitesse from Chelsea are Mason Mount, Nemanja Matic and Bertrand Traore.

It was beneficial for Vitesse as well since they grabbed a major trophy in 2017 when Matt Miazga, Lewis Baker, Nathan and Mukhtar Ali were on loan spells at the GelreDome.

In the future, fewer transfers may happen between the two clubs as FIFA is going to limit the number of players who can be sent on loan spells in a single season.


We expected changes, we're doing our planning now and we will adjust things if we need to,"

 Chelsea's loan coach

Tore Andre Flo

told Goal.

"Club-trained players under the age of 22 don’t count under the new rules and they're the main focus of our programme, which is about sending our academy graduates out on loan. So, I don't think it will affect us much.

"As a club, we already have fewer players out on loan now than before, so it is already a bit more focused. We can work a bit more with each player."

source: SportMob