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Alexandra Popp asks for an explanation for Vogel’s punishment

Mon 22 March 2021 | 7:56

After Borussia Monchengladbach's Under-23 coach, Heiko Vogel, was found guilty of making inappropriate comments towards officials Vanessa Arlt and Nadine Westerhoff, he was charged with a fine of €1,500, a two-game ban and told to complete six female training sessions before June 30.

Germany women’s captain wrote on Instagram: “The question arises as to how the training of a women's or girls' team can be defined as punishment.

“There is no value in offering to compensate for such unsporting behaviour by offering to train a women's team for a few hours.”

The statement added that the judgment “discriminates against all women in sport and especially in football.”

WDFV’s vice president, Gundolf Walaschewski, has stated that the court has been asked to review the decision. 

“There is no room for discrimination either in football or in society,” Walaschewski said. “The WDFV and the football family in North Rhine-Westphalia are expressly committed to this. That means no tolerance for sexist discrimination and no tolerance for discrimination in general.”

DFB’s vice president, Hannelore Ratzeburg, has also expressed disbelief at the ruling.

“It's incomprehensible to me that training a women's team is seen as a punishment,” he said. “I can therefore understand the players' anger and why they have made themselves heard in public. We have been in talks with the WDFV for several days.

“The fact that the executive committee of the WDFV has ordered a review of the judgement is a correct and necessary sign.”

source: SportMob