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Klopp tipped to repeat Istanbul Miracle by Benitez

Sun 21 March 2021 | 9:15

Currently five points outside the top four with nine games to play, Liverpool will face Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the competition they are unlikely to triumph. However, Liverpool’s former boss is optimistic that Jurgen Klopp can repeat Benitez’s side’s miracle comeback against AC Milan.

Asked if Liverpool could go all the way again in Europe, Benitez told the

Daily Mail

: “For sure. Liverpool has the potential and the manager, it's not a problem.

“People talk about Istanbul like we were lucky. But we were not lucky to win the Champions League because we played against Juventus [in the quarter-finals], that was a top side and they played 5-3-2.

“Tactically we had to adapt to a very difficult opponent and then, because we did well, the confidence was growing and growing. And we played Chelsea, at this time it was the best team maybe in Europe - for sure in England - [but] our team had so much confidence that tactically we could manage. We were a team with belief.

“I think Liverpool can do the same and go to the final obviously. AC Milan was a great team but the team was growing in confidence because, in these knockout competitions, we could do it.”

The final is scheduled for May 29, in the same venue they crowned the Champions League in 2005.

source: SportMob