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Neymar to join Messi at Barcelona – former agent revealed

Sat 20 March 2021 | 9:32

Neymar’s former representative, Andre Cury, believes Neymar is likely to return to Catalunya, as he believes Messi will choose to stay put following Laporta's re-election as Blaugrana president.

"I was in Barcelona for 10 years, I know every corner of the city, I'd be very happy to see Neymar go to Barcelona," Cury told Argentine publication, El Litoral.

"Neymar has an open door at Barcelona, their fans knows he made a mistake and even he recognised it some time later.

"Two years ago, Neymar formally asked me to return to Barcelona. We tried and we were really close to getting him out of Paris. But, because of some details, it didn't happen.

"Laporta is the only one who can bring them back together again. Messi won't leave Barcelona - he decided that his history is in Barcelona and I'm very clear on that.

"Neymar will play with Messi again, but in Barcelona.”


However, Goal has reported that the 28-year-old is in line for a new four-year deal at PSG.


Neymar spoke out on his future in February, telling TF1: "I'm very happy here, I want to stay at PSG and I hope Mbappe wants to stay too.

"Of course, that's the wish of all fans, we want PSG to be a great team and I want to keep doing what I do here, play football and be happy.

"Today I'm very happy, I feel happy, a lot has changed, I can't exactly say why, if it's me or something else."




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source: SportMob