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Neymar is my Idol - Real Madrid young star

Fri 19 March 2021 | 19:03

Neymar, who has played for Barcelona, is a role model for the Real Madrid star.

Real Madrid

's young midfielder Rodrygo, who has made good performances in the last two seasons, paid tribute to Neymar, calling him his role model.

Since 2013, Brazilian Neymar made his way to Europe, where he won many honors during a time at Barcelona, eventually breaking the transfer record for Paris Saint-Germain. He continued his brilliant performances in Paris and won many cups with the team. Now Rodrygo, who has been at Real since last season and has made promising displays in the team, paid tribute to Neymar and called him his idol.

He told

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“Neymar is an absolute genius as a footballer, a unique player.

“And he’s an incredible person. In the short time we’ve had together, he’s been a sensational influence on me.”

Asked about his team-mate, Casemiro, Rodrygo answered:

“Casa’s a phenomenon.

“He’s a guy who’s helped me a lot since I arrived here. He’s a wonderful person

“I’d seen him playing on the TV beforehand and thought he was an incredible player, but he’s even better than I thought. Casemiro is without doubt the best defensive midfielder in the world.”



source: SportMob