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Usain Bolt: Solskjaer is too nice

Thu 18 March 2021 | 14:10

The eight-time Olympic gold winner says the Red Devils boss must put more pressure on his players.

Manchester United

have improved their performances in the current season. Having collected 57 points from their 29 matches, they sit second in the Premier League behind

Manchester City

. The Red Devils are also competing in both FA Cup and Europa League as they are trying to secure their first trophy in four years. Ahead of Manchester United’s Europa League clash against


on Thursday,

Usain Bolt

has spoken about their current form.

Bolt was asked by


whether he sees a long-term future for Solskjaer at Old Trafford:

“If he changes - he's too nice.

“That's the only thing I can say, he's too nice. He never really says anything bad about any player, even if they don't play good and that's the only thing, but if he changes and really pressures the players, you know what I mean, calls them out sometimes when they really didn't put their all into it, then I feel like he should stay because he is cool and the fans love him.”

Asked about his favorite changes in the summer transfer window, Bolt responded:

“I think Fred should not be in the midfield. I think he is lacking so much. He works hard, but he's lacking passing and he gives away a lot of cheap fouls in bad areas.

"We definitely need more strikers, somebody that's really a pure striker.

“I think [Edinson] Cavani needs to play more. I definitely feel like as long as he's fit, he should be on the field, you know what I mean, and overall I think we need to just pressure all the players. I feel like they're so comfortable now because they know they're going to start.

“If you're sure of your spot, then you don't play as hard as you should. So it's just one of those things I feel needs to change and we'll be fine.”

Bruno Fernandes

has been a key player for Manchester United in their current campaign. The Portuguese star has scored 16 goals and provided 10 assists in his 29 league appearances for the Red Devils.

“He's outstanding, but it worries me to know that if Bruno doesn't play, we look shaky, we don't look like a football team, you know what I mean.

“He has to play every game, but I love his energy, I love he always wants to be playing, even if we're leading by 10 he wants to be on the field and that's how players should be; he always wants to be on the field, always wants to do well and always just push yourself to be the best version of himself.

“If he continues at this pace, I feel like maybe next season when he gets a lot more players around him, hopefully, some different strikers, he's going to be great, because it's going to be less pressure. You have a lot more space to roam and do more. So if he continues like this, he's going to be outstanding.”

Manchester United’s match against Milan on Thursday will be followed by a trip to Leicester where they will face the


in the FA Cup quarter-finals on Sunday.

source: SportMob