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Kone reveals how he taught Lukaku to ‘hold up the ball’

Thu 18 March 2021 | 11:23

The Sivasspor forward talked with Voetbal International about the time he spent at Everton with the current Inter’s star and the Belgian’s eagerness to learn during his time at Goodison Park.

“I played for a long time with Lukaku at Everton,” Kone said. 

“He was able to run and dribble fast from the start, but strangely enough he wasn’t very good at holding up the ball well.

“I regularly showed him how to use his body correctly. Lukaku was just a student and wanted to learn from the experienced players.”

After seeing how the 27-year-old striker dealt with Leicester’s centre-back, Wes Morgan, in the Premier League, Kone ‘understood’ the Belgium international would ‘lead the way’.

“We were playing against Leicester City, who had a big bear in Wes Morgan in defence,” Kone continued.

“I spoke to Lukaku ahead of the game and told him: ‘This is going to be a tough game for us against Morgan, it’s impossible to get past him.

“Lukaku looked at me and said: ‘Be careful’. And he was phenomenal in that match.

“He collided with Morgan, who fell to the ground as Lukaku took off with the ball and scored. From that point on, I understood that Lukaku was a player who would lead the way.”

source: SportMob