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It becomes something really dangerous - Arteta on the FIFA calendar

Thu 18 March 2021 | 9:34

Mikel Arteta is not at all comfortable with the schedule that FIFA has planned for the national games.

The Gunners

manager is set to lose several players after Sunday's game against West Ham, with countries such as England holding three World Cup qualifiers in just six days. Arteta believes this situation is far from acceptable.

When it was mentioned that in the upcoming international break, some teams will play three games in six days, Arteta said: "

I think it's a bit too much in a normal year, so this year I think it becomes something really dangerous with the amount of minutes these boys have played in such a short time with no preparation


"I don't think it's right but we're not going to change it. The decisions have been made and the games are going to be played, so it's just about how we protect our players in the best possible way.

"I always want to trust [the international federations].

"We will communicate with them and tell them the state of our players and try to maintain an open discussion to try to manage the load the best possible way and don't change too much the things they are used to doing."



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