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Parolo admits Lazio lack the right ‘mentality’

Thu 18 March 2021 | 8:41

The midfielder came off the bench to score Lazio’s only goal in their Champions League 2-1 defeat to Bayern Munich, losing 6-2 on aggregate.

The 36-year-old midfielder became the third-oldest player to score in the Champions League knockout rounds, Parolo told Sky Sport Italia: “This goal is a personal reward and I’m happy with it. As a child I used to dream of scoring in the Champions League, so to get two in one season is quite an achievement.

“We have to learn from Bayern Munich’s mentality, as despite winning the first leg 4-1 away, they were determined throughout, chased every ball and there was Thomas Muller giving instructions.

“In Italy, if we win a first leg 4-1, usually we see teams take their foot off the gas. What still irritates me is the first leg, as we made avoidable errors.

“We felt the sting of being in the Champions League knockouts for the first time and Bayern were just so comfortable with the situation.”

It was Lazio’s first presence in the Champions League after 13 years.

“We received so many compliments last year and perhaps we lost sight of our reality,” continued Parolo.

“Sometimes we tried to be too pretty and didn’t focus on getting the job done. We have to learn from Bayern, as great teams have that mentality which is lacking not just with us, but in all of Italian football.”

Parolo said of Lazio’s struggles in Serie A in addition to the Champions League: “There are problems there too, because feeling the expectation to win is not easy either. I have not won much in my career, but I’ve watched others win and every day they give more in training to get stronger.

“The arrival of big champions can improve a team, but we need to flip that switch within us. We’ve got to learn from that Bayern determination.

“When we had to fight for the victory, that’s where we at times were lacking.”

source: SportMob