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Rapinoe insists she doesn't wear USWNT shirt for their federation

Wed 17 March 2021 | 16:49

Following USWNT's ongoing fight for equal paymemnt and pay discrimination, Rapinoe once again stated herself at the forefront.

"I would much rather be spending my time doing absolutely anything else other than fighting the federation all the time for something I feel like I deserve, but that is part of it," Rapinoe told ESPN. "For me, when I pull on the shirt, I'm not thinking about the federation.

"I feel like I pull on this shirt for equal pay and for the fans and for kids who want to be in my position. So that never feels in conflict.

"It's ironic all the time. We play in full stadiums most of the time. We win most of the games. Sponsorships for all of us individually are up. We won the World Cup. We entertain. We do everything we are asked to do so it is frustrating."

As a settlement over one portion of the team's lawsuit, U.S. Soccer agreed to revised policies over charter flights, venue selection, professional support, and hotel accommodations in december.

However, the settlement allowed the USWNT to move forward with their appeal.

source: SportMob