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MediaPro CEO funds Joan Laporta for Barcelona's Presidency

Wed 17 March 2021 | 12:59

Laporta officially began his presidency at Barcelona.


president-elect Joan Laporta has sent to La Liga the credentials required to confirm his presidency, and his presidency at the club has been approved by La Liga.

Club presidents have to provide 15 per cent of the club's budget, and now


confirmed that Laporta, who won the presidency last week, submitted his documents yesterday. The Catalan press has now confirmed that out of a €124.6 million financial guarantee, €30 million has been provided by Mediapro CEO Juame Roures.

The payment was made through a company called Orpheus, while Roures had bid for La Liga rights and recently began working with French Ligue 1.

Mediapro was unable to sponsor Laporta due to his two contracts with La Liga and Ligue 1, and Roures was forced to do so through another company.

Mediapro is one of the largest media companies in the Catalan capital and covers La Liga matches.

source: SportMob