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Rothen: The club will continue with or without Mbappe

Tue 16 March 2021 | 14:25

Former PSG star insists the team will be just fine, even if the French star decides to part ways with the club.

Paris Saint-Germain


Kylian Mbappe

has just 14 months left on his contract and has asked for some time to think about a possible contract extension. However according to L'Équipe, the French prodigy has postponed everything to the end of the season.

Ex-PSG star

Jerome Rothen

, however, believes Mbappe does not have an ‘honest’ approach toward the club and should soon decides on his future and whether he wants to stay or leave the team.

In an interview with


, former PSG winger said:

“It is complicated. We are not in his head and he has personal goals and desires.

“Is he convinced to stay at PSG? I don't think so, since otherwise his contract would have already been extended.

“I think he felt that his future lay elsewhere. It is not a criticism, he has the right to think like that. I have the impression that he sometimes hides certain truths.

“It feels like he’s not being direct and I don't like that very much. Because it means that you are an opportunist, that your goal was to go to Real Madrid, but given the financial context of Madrid, you can't anymore. That's not very honest.

“My message to him is 'be clearer'. The club will continue with or without him.”

source: SportMob