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Henry: ‘Arsenal can beat any team in the league’

Mon 15 March 2021 | 22:04

Arsenal legend was impressed with the attacking approach that helped the Gunners beat Tottenham 2-1 in the North London derby Sunday.

Thierry Henry



can beat any team in the Premier League, but insists they must be consistent if they want to compete.

The Gunners got the better of arch-rivals

Tottenham Hotspur

on Sunday, but despite the win, they are still behind Spurs on the table.

The Frenchman feels the club are in good hands at current with


in the dugout.

“I think Mikel bought himself some time by winning the FA Cup last year,”

Henry said.

“The way they won it, and the team they won against, bought him some time with the fans and with the club because you have something to show at the end of the season.

“What is lacking now is consistency. I sometimes watch the first halves of Arsenal and it seems like they don’t believe they can win.

“Then when they are in a situation when they need to come back and have a go, it looks like ‘wow, why didn't they start like that?’

Henry was impressed with Arteta’s approach against Tottenham.

“I think Mikel has a good squad, you saw it yesterday,”

Henry said


“I like the way he set up the team. If you look at the positions of the three strikers, he played almost 2-3-5 on the ball.

“People were going forward; the intensity was there, the desire to win the game was there. When they play like that on the front foot and go forward, they can beat any team in the league.”

source: SportMob