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Gary Neville warns Solskjaer of United’s serious flaw

Mon 15 March 2021 | 12:15

An own goal by Craig Dawson gave Manchester United a narrow 1-0 home Premier League victory over West Ham on Sunday to lift them to the league’s second place. However, the Red Devils’ legend took his time to remind Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of some of his side’s problems.

Neville told

Sky Sports

: “We know what Manchester United are: they do struggle to break down teams, if you think about how City dismantle teams who sit deep against them, United aren’t capable of that yet and it has been something we can quite obviously see, when they play on the counterattack, they’re a lot better. “They’ve got to get better playing against teams who really sit back in those deep blocks. I think that’s where the next stage of the development has got to come, because if they don’t start doing that better, they won’t win this Premier League because teams will do that against them as Man City have found out.

The former England international full-back went on to compare United’s attackers with Manchester City’s, he continued: “It’s about having higher quality in the final third. If you think about the compact nature of all teams now when they want to be, particularly the teams in the bottom half, you just need fantastic players. If you look at City - Bernardo Silva, Gundogan, Foden, Mahrez - they have five or six of them. I can only really think of Fernandes and Pogba who can open a defence up in tight situations, the rest of them rely upon space to operate.

“Maybe Greenwood can do it, but generally, you look at City, they’ve got five or six and if two of them are injured then there’s always someone who can unlock the door elsewhere in the team. For United, if it’s not [Bruno] Fernandes, then maybe it’s Luke Shaw who’s the person who’s next and most likely to do something from an attacking point of view. 

“They need to improve their quality in the final third, maybe up the speed of the game a little bit - they play too slowly against teams when they actually drop off against them. When they play against a top team like City last week, the speed of passing - because it has to be - is actually really good and they’ve got to get that into the game against teams that drop off and make it difficult for them.”

He added: “I think Manchester United do need to win a trophy this season along with finishing second. We know what Manchester United are.” 

The Red Devils will head to their second leg clash with Milan in midweek before a FA Cup clash with Leicester City.


source: SportMob