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Nuno plans warm welcome for former wolves striker Diogo Jota

Mon 15 March 2021 | 10:57

Wolverhampton manager Nuno Espirito Santo has said he will welcome Diogo Jota warmly with a ‘big big, big hug and eventually a kiss’ ahead of his return to Molineux with Liverpool on Monday.


signed for


in the summer of 2017 and scored 44 goals in 131 appearances for the club, including Europa League hat-tricks last season against





The 24-year-old Portugal international, who joined


late in the season for £ 45million, is set to return to his old playing field.

“I will give him a big, big hug and eventually a kiss, this is how much I like him,”

Nuno said.

“The friendship that we had for four or five years together every day – big hug!

“I’m absolutely sure that if Molineux was full of our fans, he would have a huge reception because what Diogo did with us was amazing, fantastic, beyond words. He was truly admired because he gave everything he had for the club.

“He joined us in the Championship coming from Porto, put his life and heart here and that cannot ever be forgotten. He went to a fantastic club, now he’s healthy again and playing football again. I wish him all the best.

“If I see him before, I will hug him strong and in the end I will hug him. No matter what happens I will hug him because I have a big admiration for him.”

source: SportMob