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McTominay isn’t ashamed of Manchester United’s ‘ugly victories’

Mon 15 March 2021 | 9:22

An own goal by Craig Dawson gave Manchester United a narrow 1-0 home Premier League victory over West Ham on Sunday to lift them to the league’s second place. Although the Red Devils weren’t at their best against the Hammers, McTominay believes the win shows their class.

Having allowed plenty of points to slip from winning positions this season, McTominay told

Sky Sports

on them taking maximum points: “We've had too many of them this season – Everton, midweek.

“That’s something we do have to [improve on]. There’s no shame in playing against West Ham at home and obviously it being a tough game and doing all the professional things to win a football match, sometimes that’s the way you have to win football games.

“I know it’s not the glamorous way of doing it and not what people want to see, but can’t always win 4-0 or 5-0 at home, that’s not the case. We’re trying to get towards that, but at this moment in time, it’s games like that and midweek you just have to win.”

On West Ham’s tactics to keep Manchester United on hold, the Scot added: “It’s tough, it’s not getting frustrated and I thought a lot of the boys were frustrated and that’s why I’m coming off the pitch and it’s not moaning, it’s not shaking your head, it’s not arms up in the air.

“When you’re playing against teams like that, who sit in and do it well, you can’t react like that. You have to play to your tempo, you know, that we play at and really be positive in everything you do and, as I say, we’re trying our best to keep pushing.”

The Red Devils will head to their second leg clash with Milan in midweek before a FA Cup clash with Leicester City.

source: SportMob