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Mourinho: No post-match interviews for referees? That is a pity

Sun 14 March 2021 | 20:57

Tottenham Portuguese boss Jose Mourinho is not happy with the referee's performance in Arsenal clash.




tonight in a Premier League clash. In the second half of the London derby,

Erik Lamela

was sent off and a penalty was awarded to Arsenal to help the Gunners come out of the pitch with a 2-1 victory.

The Spurs’ experienced boss

Jose Mourinho

, who is not happy with the referee's performance, has talked about the match and the reasons behind their defeat in a post-match interview.

Mourinho told

Sky Sports


"No post-match interviews for referees? That is a pity.

"We played really bad in the first half. The 1-1 was not a fair reflection of the first half. We were poor.

"In the second half, we only had space to improve which we did. Then it is a question - but an impossible one as they don't speak - for the referee Michael Oliver to answer. Probably Paul Tierney too as he was the VAR.

"The game was under control in the second half so we recovered. We made changes to try and win, then it is a penalty and after that a second yellow for Lamela.

"What I see from the bench is just a feeling at first. I am 40 to 50 meters away. I saw it on the iPad. Referees have a difficult job sometimes. I did not complain but when I watch back on the iPad it is what it is.

"If somebody has a different opinion, it has to be one of the big Arsenal fans with a season ticket. It is the only one I accept as it is the passion speaking. Other than that I don't accept a different view as it is obvious.

"If the players don't do better it is because they can't do better. I belong to the team so I am as guilty for the first half as the players but the best thing is we improve in the second half.

"Players get tired, coaches get tired, maybe referees get tired too. My record with Michael Oliver on penalties with Chelsea, United and Tottenham is unlucky."



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