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Ilaix Moriba's father appreciates what Messi did for his son

Sun 14 March 2021 | 18:33

Moriba scored his first goal for Barcelona under the supervision of Koeman and with the help of Messi which made his father happy.


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Mamady Moriba, Ilaix's father, talked about the first goal his son registered for the club in

the match against



This goal was scored with the help of

Lionel Messi


Mamady Moriba first talked about his delight after the goal.

He pointed out Koeman's role in his son's life and said:

“I consider Ronald to be like Ilaix’s father. You have to be grateful to a person who gives you a chance at life like he has given my son. Not all coaches make a gesture like that. If it weren’t for Koeman, some of these youngsters wouldn’t be in the first team.”

He then mentioned his son's relationship with Messi and said:

“Ilaix explained to me that Leo is a spectacular person. To get to know him well you have to be with him every day. He’s a very good person. He always tells you to shoot from outside the box. The best in the world jokes around with my son. It’s the dream of any father and I have no words. I really appreciate what he is doing.”

source: SportMob