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Laporta hit with first crisis at Barcelona six days after his arrival

Sun 14 March 2021 | 12:33

The newly elected Blaugrana president is reportedly not having an easy start with the La Liga side as he saw their team eliminated from the Champions League competition and one of the club’s board members handing his resignation.

According to




’s new president, Joan Laporta, is already facing difficulties with the Spanish club following the team’s Champions League exit at the hands of

Paris Saint-Germain


Beside their elimination from the European competition, what has caused people to question the club’s current state is that Jaume Giro, who was a main figure at Camp Nou’s boardroom as one their financial aides, has given his resignation.

During his time with the

La Liga

side, Giro not only financed Barcelona through his personal assets, but also he was in charge of negotiating guarantees with different banks.

Still Laporta believes the club will be able to provide the guarantees on Sunday and have them presented to the La Liga the following day.

Based on the letter of resignation presented to the club, Giro had to step down from his position due to some personal affairs, which resided in London, and dedicating time to Barcelona in such timing would have been difficult for him.

As a part of Barcelona’s staff, Laporta and his board members are expected to provide 15% (€125m) of Barcelona’s budget, and with a debt of over €1bn, the Catalonians are urged to find a replacement for Giro as soon as possible.

source: SportMob