Kevin-Prince Boateng Biography

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A detailed look at Kevin-Prince Boateng biography including his general information, life story, style of play and career statistics.

Kevin-Prince Boateng is a professional player who is currently playing as a forward for Monza football club at Italian Serie B.

Kevin-Prince Boateng was once one of the hottest prospects of European football. A graduate of Hertha Berlin youth academy, Boateng has played for 14 different clubs during his career. He had the best years of his club career at AC Milan and Las Palmas. Boateng spent less than a season at

FC Barcelona


Boateng has won many trophies during his career, the most important of them are the 2007-08 Football League Cup with Tottenham, the Serie A title with AC Milan in the 2010-11 season and the La Liga title with Barcelona in the 2018-19 season.

Boateng played for Germany youth teams, but eventually opted to play for his father's country, Ghana at the senior level. He represented his country in the 2010 and the 2014 World Cups and in total, scored 2 goals in 15 matches.   

In total, Boateng has scored 76 goals and has provided 56 assists in 477 matches during his professional career. He has played 20 games for Monza in the 2020-21 season, registering 5 goals and 4 assist to his name. Stay tuned to read more about

Kevin-Prince Boateng biography

and professional life.

All You Need to Know about Kevin-Prince Boateng Biography

In the following article, we will have a look at Kevin-Prince Boateng biography which includes his career and personal life. We will go deep into every aspect of his personal and professional life to see why he is considered as one of the best forwards in the football world.

Kevin-Prince Boateng Information

We will start our article on Kevin-Prince Boateng biography with some of his general information including his Kevin-Prince Boateng bio, physical stats, personal info and footballing information. Stay tuned to read more about Kevin-Prince Boateng bio.

Kevin-Prince Boateng Bio

  • Full Name: facts about Kevin-Prince Boateng

  • Nickname: The Ghetto kid

  • Profession: Professional Footballer

Kevin-Prince Boateng Physical Stats

  • Weight: 80Kg

  • Height: 1.86 m (6 ft.0 in)

  • Eye Color: Brown

  • Hair Color: Brown

Kevin-Prince Boateng Football Information

  • Position: Forward

  • Professional Debut: 2005

Jersey Number: 7 at


Kevin-Prince Boateng Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 6 March 1987

  • Birth Place: West Berlin, Germany

  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces

  • Nationality: German/Ghanaian

Kevin-Prince Boateng Early Life

In this section of our article about

Kevin-Prince Boateng biography

we will present you with the most interesting facts about

Kevin-Prince Boateng childhood

and family background to see where he took his first steps as an amateur footballer.

Kevin-Prince Boateng date of birth is at the 6th day of March, 1987. It is interesting that He shares his birthday with another German star, 

Timo Werner

who is also born on the 6th of March. One interesting fact about his name is that he was supposed to be named Kelvin but it was mistakenly written Kevin when his father wanted to get his birth certificate.

Kevin-Prince Boateng nationality

is Ghanaian. He also has German nationality as he was born in the west of Berlin and his mother is German. Boateng's father was from Ghana and immigrated to Germany in 1981, hoping to have a better life.

Boateng was raised in a crime-filled neighborhood in Berlin. But the good thing about his early life was that all the member of his family, including his mother, used to play football. Boateng's family had a long history with the game as his paternal uncle used to play for Ghana National team and his maternal grandfather was the cousin of Germany's legendary player, Helmut Rahn.

Boateng had a troubled childhood. His parents separated when he was still a child and the burden of raising the children fell on Boateng's mother, Christine Rahn who had to work long shifts to provide her family with the financial needs.

Boateng's father, re-married soon after his divorce and had a son, Jerome who also became a successful footballer and is currently playing for FC Bayern Munich.

Boateng's childhood was all about football. He grew up in the streets and was nicknamed "the Ghetto kid" for of his ability to befriend all sorts of people.

Kevin-Prince Boateng impressed right from the start of his footballing journey. He started his amateur career at one of the local academies, the Reinickendorfer Fuchse when he was 7 years old. His passion for football and his clear talent, persuaded his mother to sign him up for a trial at

Hertha Berlin

youth academy in 1994. Kevin-Prince Boateng passed the trial with ease and impressed his coaches. He stayed at the academy till 2005 when he got called up to the senior team.

Kevin-Prince Boateng was a member of Germany youth team during his teenage years and won the Fritz Walter U18 bronze Medal in 2005 and the U19 gold medal the following year.

In 2005, Kevin-Prince Boateng was called up to Hertha senior side, which market the start of his professional career at the age of 18.

Kevin-Prince Boateng Profile

In This part of the article, we will concentrate on Kevin-Prince Boateng profile which includes his style of play, goal celebration and the reception he has received from media, fans and his colleagues.

Starting his professional career at Hertha Berlin

Kevin-Prince Boateng professional career started in 2005 as he was promoted to Hertha Berlin senior side. He made his debut in a 2–0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt. Despite his young age, Boateng continued to perform at a high level consistently and went on to score 5 goals in 50 matches in the next two seasons.

Unsuccessful spells at Dortmund, Tottenham and Portsmouth

From 2007 to 2010, Boateng had three unsuccessful seasons at Dortmund,


and Portsmouth. He played only 14 games for Tottenham before moving on loan to Dortmund, where he played 10 games without scoring any goals.

Next stop for Boateng was Portsmouth in 2009. He started brightly and was named Portsmouth's joint Player of the Month in September of the same year. He also reached the FA Cup final, but missed a penalty as Portsmouth handed the title to Chelsea with a 1-0 loss. After scoring 5 goals in 27 matches, Boateng left the club at the end of the season to join the Italian side, Genova.

Reaching the top of his game at AC Milan and the fight against racism

Kevin was loaned to

AC Milan

in 2010, immediately after signing a three year contract with Genova. At Milan he reached the top of his game and played his best football to this day.

In 2013, Kevin was involved in a very famous incident in Milan's game against a fourth division opponent. Boateng was the targets of racist chanting from the opposition fans right from the start of the game. In the 26th minute Kevin stopped playing and kicked the ball into stands. He left the pitch alongside his teammates and the game was suspended. The incident sent shockwaves throughout Italian football and Kevin received many messages of support from his colleagues. He reacted to the incident by calling racism 'a dangerous virus'.

"There are many different types of racism from people of different colors and nationalities. There is no vaccine to fight this and no antibiotics to take. It's a dangerous and infectious virus which is strengthened by indifference and inaction."

In his first spell at Milan, Boateng stayed for four seasons. Overall, he scored 18 goals in 101 gamed for Milan, including a famous hat-trick in a 4-3 win against Fiorentina.

One season at Schalke and the second spell with AC Milan

In 2013, Boateng joined Schalke. He made his debut for


in a 2–0 victory against Bayer Leverkusen. On 14 September 2013, he scored the game's only goal in a 1–0 win over Mainz. He was voted the Schalke player of the month for October 2013 by fans. In total he scored 7 goals in 60 games for the German club.

In 2015 Boateng returned to Milan for one season and scored one goal in 14 games. his only goal came in a 2-0 win over Fiorentina.

Impressing at Las Palmas and winning the DF-Pokal with Eintracht Frankfurt

In 2016, Boateng joined Las Palmas to work under manager, Quique Setien. His one year with the canaries was very successful season as he scored ten goals 29 games, including one of the season's best goals, which he scored with an acrobatic volley against Villareal.

The following season, Boateng moved to Eintracht Frankfurt, where he scored 6 goals in 31 games and won the DF-Pokal title with the Eagles.

The Barcelona move

Boateng has moved to six different clubs, including Barcelona in the past few years and was not successful in any of them.

Boateng joined FC Barcelona on-loan in the winter of 2018 to play as Luis Suarez substitute, but he was rarely used and played only 3 La Liga games without scoring any goals. However, he saw the chance to play alongside Barcelona stars a once in a life time experience.

“It was a lovely experience in Barcelona, working with the best in the world, but it wasn’t very satisfying. At my age, it was worth it, as at least I can say that I played at Camp Nou alongside Lionel Messi.

Twilight years at Fiorentina, Besiktas and Monza

The following season, Boateng left the Catalans for


, where he scored one goal in 15 games. In the winter transfer window of the 2019-2020 season, Boateng was again loaned and this time to Turkish Giants, Besiktas. Kevin played a total of 11 games in Turkish Super League and scored three goals. His last club has been Monza in Serie B, where he has scored 5 goals in 20 games so far into the 2021 season.

Overall, Boateng has played for 14 different clubs during his career, scoring 76 goals and providing 56 assists in 477 games.

With Germany youth and Ghana senior national teams

On the international level, Boateng was first called up to Germany U16 side in 2002. He played 11 games and scored 3 goals for the team before being called up to the U17 team the following year. Boateng played a total of 10 games and scored 1 goal for the U17 side. He also played 12 games and scored 7 goals for Germany U19 side in 2005, before concluding his international youth career with 8 games for Germany U20 and U21 teams.

Boateng was eligible to play for Germany, but decided to play for Ghana. . His brother, Jerome decided to play for Germany and the two brothers played against each other in a 2-2 draw back in 2014.

Boateng represented


in two World Cups (2010 and 2014) and scored in a 2-1 win against United States. He played a total of 15 games for the team and has scored 2 goals. His last international goal was scored in a 2-1 loss against Egypt at the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

Style of Play

Kevin-Prince Boateng

is known for his impressive heading abilities as well as his goal scoring instincts. He is fantastic with the head, clever in the box and sharp in front of the goal.

Boateng is a very versatile player. Although his main position is the forward, he has played at 9 different positions during his career, including 115 games as an attacking midfielder, 67 games as a central midfielder and 59 games as a center forward. He has also played as a left and right winger as well as a second striker and defensive midfielder.


Kevin-Prince Boateng was one of the most talented players of the football in the first decade of the current century. He has been praised by his coaches for his versatility, stamina and fighting spirit.

Boateng received praise from many footballing figures for his amazing performances during his first spell with AC Milan.

Even the best players of history have had their share of criticism and in the case of Boateng, He has been criticized the most for his inability to control his temper during the games, which has seen him facing many disciplinary issues.

Goal Celebration

Kevin-Prince Boateng is famous for his acrobatic goal celebration. He has also celebrated some of his goals with showing the number three with his fingers.

Kevin-Prince Boateng outside football

Kevin-Prince Boateng has had a very active, but also controversial life outside football. Having tattoos is one of his most favorite hobbies. He has more than 30 tattoos on his body including a skull on her ankle, a lion on his foot, a chain on his knee, a huge tribal design on his left shoulder and the face of Mikael Jackson on his thigh. He also has the name of his wife and boy tattooed on his body.

Kevin-Prince Boateng's other favorite sport is Basketball and he loves to play and watch NBA games whenever he has the chance.

Kevin-Prince Boateng is active regularly on social media. His Instagram account is


. He has around 3 million followers on Instagram. Despite the popularity, Kevin is not keen on using the social media for a good reason. In an interview about the role of Social Medias in today football he said:

"Social networking sites are an easy way to insult people. People have sent me messages saying that they are praying for me to get injured. Such messages are not nice, because I love playing football: I love playing for my club; I love playing football for Ghana."

Boateng is multi-lingual and can speak five languages (German, Spanish, Turkish, English and Italian) fluently. He also claim to understand Arabic and French as well.

He is also a music lover. According to his own interviews his parents used to listen to a lot of R&B and soul, so he grew up listening to Hip-hop all the time but when he got older he started to appreciate many different kinds of music.

Boateng had a habit for buying luxury cars during his younger years, however, he later revealed that he did not find that lifestyle satisfying.

"You end up trying to buy happiness. I bought a Lamborghini. Wow! I was happy for a week. After that, I didn't even use the car. Who drives around Loughton in a Lamborghini?"

"I still have a picture: three cars, big house, I'm standing there like I'm 50 Cent. I look at it sometimes and say, 'Look how stupid you were.' But that made me who I am, and I can look back and see it. I've learned. I grew up. I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and thought, 'No, that's not me. I don't want to be that. I'm a footballer.'

Kevin-Prince Boateng Personal Life

One of the most interesting part of SportMob's article on Kevin-Prince Boateng biography is about his personal life. In this section we will have a look at Kevin-Prince Boateng immediate family, love life and children. We will also present you with some information about his philanthropy activities and legal issues.

Family, Children and Relationships

Kevin-Prince Boateng has been married two times and has two children, one from each of his marriages.

During his youth, Kevin-Prince Boateng was in a relationship with Jennifer Michele, who was his childhood friend. Boateng married and Jennifer Michele in 2007 and the couple had their first child, Jermaine-Prince the same year.

Boateng's first marriage ended in 2011. He became a heavy smoker after the divorce and was once seen taking alcohol and smoking cigarettes right before the usual drug tests.

In 2016, Kevin started a new relationship with the famous German TV Presenter, Melissa Satta. The couple got married in 2016, after their son, Maddox was born.

Any new information about Kevin-Prince Boateng love life and family will be published here at


. You can also check out our article on

top facts about Melissa Satta

if you want to know more about Kevin-Prince Boateng's girlfriend.


It is really interesting to know if Kevin-Prince Boateng has had any background in humanitarian work and philanthropy.

Kevin-Prince Boateng religion

is Christianity.

Boateng has fought with racism all his life. His role models in life are Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, and Nelson Mandela. He has worked with many charity organizations including UNICEF and the Human rights champions. He has also appeared in many charity ceremonies alongside his second wife, Mellissa Satta.

Legal Issues

Despite being famous for his high temper and controversial life style, Kevin-Prince Boateng has had no legal disputes throughout his life. However, he has been fined many times for his heavy challenges on the field.

Kevin-Prince Boateng Career Statistics

In this section, we want to take a look at Kevin-Prince Boateng career statistics both on the club and international level.


Overall, Kevin-Prince Boateng has played 477 games for 14 clubs during his career. He has registered 76 goals and 56 assists to his name.

Boateng has played at 4 of the 5 most prestigious European leagues. He scored 16 goals in 129 Bundesliga games, 16 goals in 112 Serie A games, 3 goals in 36 Premier League matches and 10 in 31 La Liga matches.

Kevin-Prince Boateng best season individually was the 2016-17 Season in which he scored 10 goals and assisted further 6 in 29 games for

Las Palmas

across all competitions.

On the international level Kevin-Prince Boateng has played 15 games for Ghana national team and has scored 2 goals. his first goal was against USA in a 2-0 win at 2010 FIFA World Cup while his second and last goal was scored in a 1-2 loss against Egypt at 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification.


On the international, Kevin-Prince Boateng career stats shows that he played 15 games for Ghana National team. He was also a member of Germany youth teams from the U16 to the U23 side and in total scored 12 goals in 45 matches for Germany youth teams.

Kevin-Prince Boateng Honors

We rap up our article on

Kevin-Prince Boateng biography

with a look at his honors and achievements.

During his career, Kevin-Prince Boateng has won many collective and individual awards, the most important of them are:

With Tottenham Hotspur:

Football League Cup (2007–08)

With AC Milan:

Serie A (2010–11), Supercoppa Italiana (2011), Serie A Team of the Year (2010–11)

With Eintracht Frankfurt:

DFB-Pokal (2017–18), Das Erste Goal of the Month (2005)

With Barcelona:

La Liga (2018–19)

With Germany youth national team:

Fritz Walter Medal U18 bronze (2005), Fritz Walter Medal U19 gold (2006)

We hope you have enjoyed reading Kevin-Prince Boateng Biography. If you like this article, make sure to check out our article on

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